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Big Station Duo
Simplified Selling, Managing, and Tracking — CukCuk's Big Station Duo is Your Customizable Control Hub.
Durable Elegance, Efficient Service

Withstand the rigors of every shift—grease, spills, and all. Certified for quality, integrated for efficiency. Features like 58mm/80mm auto-cutter printers and barcode scanners make it your go-to tool.

Big Station Duo
Adaptability, user-friendly interface

A 15.8-inch touch-sensitive, multi-functional screen designed for speed and ease of use. Adapt it to fit your restaurant’s unique style and needs.

Big Station Duo for Guest
Efficiency, clarity, order accuracy
Keep lines moving and ensure precise orders with our guest-friendly 15.8-inch touch screen. See your orders and payments clearly, for a smoother guest experience.
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CukCuk Tables

Discover a new era of restaurant management with CukCuk's revolutionary Tables functionality. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to streamline your operations, reduce labor costs, and deliver an impeccable dining experience.

Simplify Workflow & Save on Labor Costs

Resource Optimization, Cost Reduction & Focus on What Matters

Error-Free & Guest-Centric Tableside Ordering

Minimized Errors, Happy Return Guests & Personalized Dining

Quick, Convenient, and Versatile Payment Solutions

Flexibility in Payment, Time-Saving & Trust-Building
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Online Ordering & Delivery

Explore the revolutionized online ordering experience brought to you by CukCuk, designed meticulously to foster growth while saving crucial resources. Elevate your restaurant business to new heights, leaving behind the traditional hassles of online sales, and stepping into a future of ease and prosperity.

Cost-Efficiency Elevated

Zero Third-Party Commissions, Reduced Costs & Profit Margin Growth

Hassle-Free Integration

Automatic Menu Updates, Seamless Order Integration & Dynamic Business Adaptability

Customer Retention Mastery

CukCuk Loyalty Program, Personalized Digital Branding & Valuable Insights through Guest Data
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Up-to-the-Minute Reports

With CukCuk's Up-to-the-Minute Reports, you're never in the dark about your restaurant's performance. We understand that timely data is crucial for making informed decisions, and our system empowers you to do just that.

Anywhere Access to Your Dashboard

Freedom of Access to CukCuk Cloud-base App, Informed Decisions & Time-Saving

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed Insights, Clutter-Free Data Management & Optimized Operations

Multi-Branch Management

Unified Control, Resource Optimization & Strategic Growth

Streamlined Taxation

Hassle-Free Tax Management, Compliance Ease & Business Scalability
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Menu Management

With CukCuk's Menu Management System, your culinary creativity knows no bounds, and your profitability reaches new heights. Elevate your menu, delight your customers, and watch your restaurant thrive with a single, clear view of your performance.

Effortless Menu Setup with Comprehensive Details

Ease of Setup, Engaging Presentation & Growth through Satisfaction

Simplified Price and Tax Configuration

Hassle-Free Pricing, Consistency Across Services & Strategic Pricing for Growth

Unified Menu for Multiple Locations with Out-of-Stock Alerts

CukCuk Loyalty Program, Personalized Digital Branding & Centralized Control, Real-Time Performance Updates & Responsive Inventory Alerts

Loved by Owner Restaurants

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"Managing inventory & calculating ingredients are 2 very important tasks in operating Buffet Restaurant. We need to make sure no-single dish will be run out of stock.With the AI technology in CUKCUK, we are able to predict/calculate “What kind” & “How much” ingredients that we need in the specific of time. Therefore, I can have the purchasing plan accrurately"
Lotus Buffet Restaurant
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“Very user-friendly across many devices. Some of the features are way more advanced than others like invetory, promotion & customer management. Enables me to understand my customers better, pushing sales by suitable promotions.”
Full Service Restaurant
Germany - La Sepia
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“The system is very smart & easy to use. Enable me to have remote control & real-time checking reports, sales status even when I am away.”
Quick Service Restaurant
Germany - Tea Mate

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